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Amazing earbuds love story, that can’t be forgotten.

Hi Viewer, Harsh there . So this is the season of summer when me(16) and my family is planning to go on vaccation trip, somewhere very far from our home ,so we decided to go manali with my father’s friend family and he has two daughters one is of same age as me and another one is younger than us. Infact when we got to know each other we find that we are in same school but in different sections.

Then, on Sonday morning we all gathered at 5 am at railway station and reached manali next day at 6 pm in evening. So my first close interation with her is when we are going to our room in some xyz hotel as our parents were thirsty so they said get some water in bottles from water cooler. She is pretty much cute to make me fall for her and i guess amalso (btw i have very much insecurities about my looks but there i didn’t shown it).So it was like a golden chance for me to take a chance ( hehe lol) and the best part is that fortunately there wasn’t a single person near water cooler, so i started talking (hegitated from inner but showing an skytouching self cofidence and lightly smiling to start a talk) . I started very intelligent topic i.e school talks until our bottles get filled and i slowly started the topic of my friend’s crush in your section, she suddenly get shocked and said Ooo… he is also interested in her . Then, after i said Did you have crush on someone or something like that. She smiled at me and said in very negotiating manner Nooou.. , by mistake I whispered ‘Thank god’ and it was loud enough to get heard but she was pretending that she hadn’t listened anything. Then next morning we all enjoyed too much and whenever i got time i never missed any chance with her, So likewise three days flew away very fast.

Now ,its fourth day most interesting day of all ,i’ll never forget that. So that day there is very much snow falling and very strong breeze was blowing so we decided to stay in hotel that day but the uncle’s room heater wasn’t working so for that day they all shifted in our room except her. So around 1pm all people in my room fell asleep and my mind is again n again pushing me to get in her room ,so finally i decided to go but for that i want a reason so for that i broke my charger’s wire(level of stupidity) and knocked her room. Tuktuk Tuktuk she opened and said Hi , come inside, then i described my sad story of charger felt from my hand and blah blah..! .So she said are u done with all these things…. oo shit! My brain lost conciousness I was like its all over, but her next line was more shocking ,she said u haven’t even asked for my number I was in a confusion as hell like what, then se said I am not dumb am noticing you from previous days the way you are reacting and make me feel like no one do, then she come closer to me it’s my first encounter with any girl and i was shaking as hell , goosebumps , sweat on forhead, and leg was like someone had put vibrator between my legs , literally. Then as i have seen in movies I had also grabbed her hand with my hand and finally she gave me her number.

And first time with her I listened her and mine favorite song by sharing one wired earphones, that feeling was awesome n further she put her head on my shoulder , n after that whenever we had further meets we always enjoyed listening ,music together. Unique part is that, when we had our first kiss we are literally in deep feel of love songs and our first kiss was awesome.

That’s why I always recommend a wired good quality earphone which can be shared with some other one so that you can’t miss any experience(Hmm..)

If u want , then fast check it out this awesome product .

Personally i feel like it is the best earphone under that much price literally it is my personal perception, and rest is your choice you are your own boss.

Thank you guys for your time ,n Sorry for mistakes(if any)

Have a very nice day/night whatever, bbye take care

Peace .